Welcome to Sage Owls Designs – Coast Salish art by Sage Paul

Sage Paul is a Coast Salish artist from Brentwood Bay. Sage has been doing art ever since she can remember. Following in her dads foot steps, Sage remembers watching him draw, paint and carve, and just loving his art. She loved to watch then copy him. Thats how she started her art. By spending lots of time with Chris Paul and learning all the things he knew already, really help sage in starting her art off right. Sage has always loved to draw and paint but putting her designs on the computer really made a big difference. Prints are a big part of her art but she also does some sandblasting and painting as well. a lot of her art comes from the nature. A big part of it is animals, she loves to capture how they move and look in the wild. Also some of her work is influenced by love, her fiance is a big part of her life and a big part of her art to! Image is another big part of her art she loves to create women in a strong way, showing how beautiful and powerful they are. Having a lot of strong women in her life helps her in that way, watching her mom while she grew up being strong and independent, helped shaped the way sage sees her self.

Sage Paul loves to create and design, if you have any questions feel free to email and ask!

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